• James Flores is an organist based in Albury with a passion for preserving organ music for many generations to come.

    James maintains an active musical lifestyle with his involvement in church servicesrecitalsceremoniesweddings and funerals as well as choral singing and accompaniment - most notably as part of the St Patrick's Schola Cantorum.

    With over a decade of experience in music performance, James also offers lessons on the piano or organ to potential students who wish to refine their technique, musicality and performance skills.

    James holds performance diplomas on both the organ and piano from the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), St Cecilia School of Music (SCSM) and Church Music qualifications from the Guild of Church Musicians, SCSM and the ASMC. Read more >



  • Funerals


    Funerals are a solemn occasion where organ music can provide a lasting statement for the dearly departed. As the organ is a very versatile instrument, it is an appropriate choice to provide music that is heartfelt. Music at funerals is not limited to hymns but also solo music. James recommends a choir or cantor is sought alongside his services if choral music is required. Read more >

  • Weddings


    A wedding marks the joyous occasion of a couple beginning their married life together. Celebrate such a significant event with the "king of instruments", the organ! Ceremonial music plays a considerable part in setting the mood for a wedding and this is handled no better than live music and the organ. So put that iPod away and embrace the beautiful traditions of a church wedding.
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  • Ceremonies


    Ceremonial organ music at graduations, academic events, award presentations, special meetings and assemblies and other public events can highlight the importance of the occasion by adding a sense of grandeur or moments of solemnity where appropriate. There is truly something unique about experiencing live music played during a special occasion!
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  • Lessons


    Would you like to learn how to play the organ or piano? Do you know somebody that is curious about learning these instruments? Perhaps you already play the piano but would like to give the organ a go? In any case, James caters for students of all ages and abilities. Lessons are available at James' private studio or at a mutually agreed location.
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