Alfred Hollins (1865–1942) was blind from birth and impressively overcame the challenge of his blindness, becoming an internationally acclaimed performer and successful composer. He wrote over 50 compositions specifically for the organ. Among them, only a few are still widely recognised today, with the most renowned ones being the “Song of Sunshine” and this Trumpet Minuet. Many of his works belong to the Edwardian style of composition, which can be described as charming and suitable for light musical entertainment, often used during public afternoon recitals.

I have recorded this piece on the Heppenheim Hauptwerk sample set from Saint Peter’s Church Heppenheim in Germany. The organ was built by Wilbrand in 1997. The instrument has 43 stops on 3 manuals and pedals.

Heppenheim: https://www.inspiredacoustics.com/en/products/hep

Score: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/a-trumpet-minuet-sheet-music/3901000?aff_id=478282

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