Abide with me – Paul Page | Hauptwerk Caen

I have to thank Rien Schalkwijk for introducing me to Paul Page’s organ music. He has played many of his organ works and I’ve decided to record a setting of “EVENTIDE” on the mighty Caen organ (sampled by Sonus Paradisi). Every time I record a piece based on a hymn setting, I claim it’s one of my favourites—and this is no exception. From now on, let’s just assume that anything I upload to my channel is because I resonate in some way with the music 😇. I encourage you to explore Paul’s music via his website (listed below).

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Rien’s channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnEqeaKPj17_1oimf_oRtEw
Paul Page’s Music: http://www.paulpage.org/

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