Can the Nancy Cathedral organ handle French classical repertoire?

I was recently inspired to play some Clerambeault by YouTuber, Remi Chapalain (link below). You should definitely check out his videos as he’s quite the character! His performance of the Caprice reminded me that the piece was actually my first “tutti” piece. I was so excited to play some actual repertoire on “full organ”. Do you find it strange that my first loud piece was a piece of French classical literature? I didn’t at the time, but I guess that’s the influence of my first organ teacher. Coincidentally, my friend, Thomas Summerfield, is learning some Clerambeault so I decided to record the final two movements—RĂ©cit de Nazard and the Caprice. I hope you enjoy the sounds of the Nancy Cathedral organ (@Piotr Grabowski ) using the Hauptwerk VPO software.

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