Crown Imperial – William Walton arr. Murrill | Hauptwerk Henry Willis 1894

This Henry Willis 1894 sample set was provided by Silver Octopus Studios. The original instrument is installed in a generous organ chamber on the left hand side of the nave and has a similar case design to many other Father Willis instruments. The organ consists of three manuals and pedals with added octave and sub octave couplers to the Swell and Choir and an enclosed Choir division. The initial release is presented close sampled and dry, so I have used Hauptwerk’s convolution reverb feature to apply Sonus Paradisi’s Freiberg IRs (front/rear) to give the impression of the organ being in a generous acoustic. What better way to demonstrate this modestly sized organ with a piece of English music, arranged by Henry Murrill, the “Crown Imperial”. (No Tubas or loud solo reeds here, but still effective nevertheless!).

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