Entrée Pontifical Op. 104, No. 1 – Marco Enrico Bossi

Marco Enrico Bossi (1861-1925), a prolific composer and esteemed organist, composed this majestic piece as the opening work of his Op. 104 collection. The other pieces in the collection are Ave Maria, Offertoire, Résignation and Rédemption. Throughout his career, Bossi served as an organist and music director at several prominent churches and cathedrals in Italy, including the Como Cathedral and the San Marco Basilica in Venice. He was also a dedicated educator, teaching at various music conservatories across Italy. Asides from his numerous works for organ, he also wrote for orchestra, chamber ensembles, and voice, earning a reputation for his innovative and engaging compositions. As an organist, his virtuosic technique and captivating performances garnered him acclaim both in Italy and abroad, solidifying his place in the annals of music history.

The piece is marked “Maestosamente” which means Majestically! The tempo I play this piece is much slower than other renditions online but I personally felt it had more grandeur at this speed. I recorded this piece on the Letourneau organ of St. Matthew’s Albury.

Organ specification:
Bourdon 16
Montre 8
Bourdon à Cheminée 8
Cor de Chamois 8
Octave 4
Flûte Harmonique 4
Quinte 2-2/3
Doublette 2
Fourniture IV
Trompette 8

Montre 8
Bourdon 8
Viole de Gambe 8
Voix Céleste 8
Prestant 4
Flûte à Fuseau 4
Nasard 2-2/3
Flûte à Bec 2
Tierce 1-3/5
Plein Jeu IV
Basson 16
Trompette 8
Hautbois* 8
Voix Humaine 8

Montre 16
Soubasse 16
Octave 8
Bourdon 8
Prestant 4
Fourniture III
Bombarde 16
Trompette 8
Chalumeau 4

* The Hautbois rank was supplied by Orgues Letourneau and installed by Peter D. G. Jewkes Pty Ltd in November 2007. It replaced the original Voix Humaine 8’ rank which was reinstalled by Jewkes in November 2020.

compass: 58/30
3 couplers
suspended mechanical key action
electric stop action
adjustable thumb & toe pistons
(32 channels)
balanced mechanical swell pedal
Source: https://www.ohta.org.au/organs/organs/AlburyStMatts.html

Score: https://www.sheetmusicplus.com/title/fnf-stcke-sheet-music/19645093?aff_id=478282

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