Festival Voluntary on ‘Song 22’ – David Barton

This piece marks the beginning of a collection of volumes called “Pipes of Praise” centred on music derived from hymn tunes that appear in the Church’s calendar, such as Advent, Trinity, and so on. This initial compilation, however, consists of six pieces appropriate for general use throughout the year. The book contains:
1. Festival Voluntary on ‘Song 22’ – David Barton
2. Prelude on ‘Hereford – Giles Taylor
3. Pastorale on ‘Song 1’ (Orlando Gibbons) – Simon Mold
4. Prelude on ‘St. Denio’ – Adam Heron
5. St Magnus – Annette Butters
6. Hymn Toccata on Aberystwyth – Derry Bertenshaw

Song 22 by Orlando Gibbons, also known as “Almighty and Everlasting God,” is a revered hymn, cherished for its beautiful choral arrangement and spiritual significance. The hymn’s powerful text, taken from the Book of Common Prayer, resonates with listeners and singers alike, eliciting a sense of devotion and awe. @davidbartonmusic’s voluntary composed on this hymn tune is a fitting tribute to the original work, as it allows the composer to expand upon the rich harmonic and melodic content while maintaining the hymn’s profound emotional impact.

I recorded this piece using the Rotterdam Laurenskerk (main organ) sample set by Sonus Paradisi using the Hauptwerk VPO software.

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