Four accessible pieces of organ music by Phil Lehenbauer (Honorary Life Member of the AGO)

It’s no secret that I love playing Phil Lehenbauer’s organ music. I’ve made many recordings of his music in the past on my channel (but not as much as @Secrets of Organ Playing!). What’s special about this video? Well, the first piece is a blast! It was composed in 1997 but the latter three compositions are very, very new. I recorded all these pieces on the Savaria Aquincum organ, sampled by Augustine’s Virtual Organs, using the Hauptwerk 7 software.

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The music in this video:

0:00 | Fanfare on “The Strife is O’er”
2:17 | Jig for Jan
4:34 | Chant for Chuck
7:05 | Ave Regina Caelorum


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