Fugue on “De Angelis” Kyrie and Pange lingua, Op. 14 – Alexandre Pierre François Boëly

Rien Schalkwijk recorded a nice rendition of this Boëly Fugue on the Kyrie of Missa De Angelis yesterday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt4qa59mg-k. Whilst I’ve heard of Boëly before, I had not previously played any of his music. Born in 1785 and living until 1858, he was shunned by the official mainstream of musical life in Paris. He lived during the classical period and this probably contributed to his “elitist” fidelity to writing serious music (haha!). However, after playing this fugue (which is marked “Grand Plein Jeu”), I think this music is quite serious! To compose a fugue based on a Kyrie from the De Angelis Mass setting is serious stuff. I also decided to record another quieter piece of his, and in keeping with the same tonality/key, I found this setting of “Pange lingua”. Both pieces would be highly suitable for use within the Catholic liturgy (serious stuff!).

I recorded these pieces on the Nancy Cathedral sample set (@Piotr Grabowski) using the Hauptwerk VI software.


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