James is now accepting students that wish to learn or enhance their keyboard skills to play the organ or piano. Many people believe that if you can play the piano, then you can play the organ. James’ answer to that is both the piano and organ have keyboards, but that is where the similarity ends. Some differences to consider between the organ and piano are as follows:

  • Articulation
  • Wide range of tone (registration of stops)
  • Wide range of volume (volume controlled by registration and/or manipulation of enclosed pipe divisions)
  • Using the pedalboard
  • Developing hand and feet independence
  • Playing on different manuals (keyboards) and in differing positions
  • Reading three or more lines of music
  • Leading a congregation to sing hymns
  • No two organs are the same, every instrument is unique!

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Lessons can be conducted at a local parish, educational institution, your home, James’ private studio or anywhere an instrument is available. Remote lessons by video link can also be arranged.

James encourages preparation for AMEB exams and other examining boards, alongside performance opportunities, in order to develop into a well-rounded musician.

Working With Children Check number: WWC0893356E
Expiry: 26/01/2021