Noel Mander Chamber Organ | Hauptwerk sample set by @Samuel Sleath

I promised @Samuel Sleath that I would do a demo of his latest sample set, the Noel Mander Chamber Organ, so here it is. The specification is as what you would expect from an instrument of this size:

Stopt Diapason 8
Principal 4
Flute 4
Fifteenth 2

It’s beautifully sampled in 24 bit, 96kHz and in 6 channels (3 perspectives: dry, front and rear). At maximum quality this only requires 3.6GB of RAM. I highly recommend that you give this sample set a go as it’s perfect for little pieces such as the one’s available in the popular “Old English Organ Music for Manuals” collections. The sample set is FREE but a donation is encouraged and will go towards the church’s music depaortment.

Noel Mander Chamber Organ sample set:
Old English Organ Music for Manuals Book 5:

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