O Breathe on Me, O Breath of God (ST. COLUMBA) | SWELL VOX | Pentecost

I had to save this video for when Pentecost was fast approaching—it’s this upcoming Sunday! Unfortunately, the camera recording Tom on the organ malfunctioned during this recording (and the other hymn on my channel), so we only have our two favourite Swell Vox tenors, David and Tony Lee, on screen. It really was a fantastic trip and experience to sing and play in the cathedral and, of course, to catch up as a group again. Looking forward to when we can all meet again for more recordings. Watch the Swell Vox Melbourne trip: https://youtu.be/EmHbloUaDqk

Many thanks to Philip Nicholls and Mark Slavec for allowing us access to the cathedral. Organ specification: https://ohta.org.au/organs/organs/StPaulsMelb.html

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