Old Scottish Carol (Noël Ecossais) – Graham Twist | Hauptwerk Armley

I know we have just past the Christmas season (and yes, the tree has now been put away), but I had some unfinished business I had to attend to—it was to record this “Old Scottish Carol” by our favourite internet composer, Graham Twist. Graham uploaded his rendition on December 19 and it was a year long composition project for Ed Ackermann and Dale Bench. The piece is based on the carol known as “What Strangers are These” and set to a traditional Scottish tune, ‘Noël Ecossais’. Seeing as though Graham used the Hereford Cathedral sample set, I thought I’d use the Armley Schulze organ (a sample set he really wants to have…FOMO!).

Graham’s rendition: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xuqaqz8RUoY
For the score, email grahamstwist@gmail.com for a copy.

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