My podcast buddy, Callum Knox, visited on Tuesday to perform a recital at our local “Tunes on Tuesday” lunchtime recital series. In case you want to know more about him, here’s the bio he supplied me for the programme:

A pianist since the age of 5, and an organist from 12, Callum Knox is emerging as one of the finest young organists in Sydney. At the age of 16, he gained a scholarship for the Sydney Conservatorium of Music’s Rising Stars programme, and currently studies there with Philip Swanton on a full scholarship.

Since 2020, he has been Organ Scholar at St James’ King Street, having previously gained valuable experiences at St. Andrew’s Cathedral as Head Chorister, and latterly as Junior Organ Scholar.

After graduating from St. Andrew’s Cathedral School in 2019, where he earned full marks for organ in the HSC, he went on to win first prize in the Intermediate Section of the 2020 Sydney Organ Competition, and completed his Licentiate in organ with Distinction.

Callum has also performed in a number of prestigious venues throughout Europe, including St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, St. George’s Chapel Windsor Castle, and Saint-Eustache in Paris.

Double Dissonance Podcast:


Dieterich Buxtehude
0:00 | Magnificat primi toni, BuxWV 203

Johann Sebastian Bach
Sonata No. 3 in D minor, BWV 527
8:33 | Andante;
14:45 | Adagio e dolce;
21:02 | Vivace

Marcel Dupré
25:40 | Prelude and Fugue in G minor Op. 7 No. 3

Organ specification:
Bourdon 16
Montre 8
Bourdon à Cheminée 8
Cor de Chamois 8
Octave 4
Flûte Harmonique 4
Quinte 2-2/3
Doublette 2
Fourniture IV
Trompette 8

Montre 8
Bourdon 8
Viole de Gambe 8
Voix Céleste 8
Prestant 4
Flûte à Fuseau 4
Nasard 2-2/3
Flûte à Bec 2
Tierce 1-3/5
Plein Jeu IV
Basson 16
Trompette 8
Hautbois* 8
Voix Humaine 8

Montre 16
Soubasse 16
Octave 8
Bourdon 8
Prestant 4
Fourniture III
Bombarde 16
Trompette 8
Chalumeau 4

* The Hautbois rank was supplied by Orgues Letourneau and installed by Peter D. G. Jewkes Pty Ltd in November 2007. It replaced the original Voix Humaine 8’ rank which was reinstalled by Jewkes in November 2020.

compass: 58/30
3 couplers
suspended mechanical key action
electric stop action
adjustable thumb & toe pistons
(32 channels)
balanced mechanical swell pedal

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