Playing James’ organ music for his birthday (@James Michael Stevens that is!)

James Michael Stevens is a prolific composer for not only the organ, but also piano music. His music is very accessible for the church organist. James’ music has been featured many times on my channel, especially for my weekly “Virtual Vespers” service. Today we celebrate this wonderful composer’s birthday—and as a THANK YOU, I have played five of his most recent organ compositions. Happy Birthday, James!

0:00 | Introduction
1:26 | Prayer of Serenity
4:27 | Candles Burn in the Quiet Night
7:24 | Fly to the Heavens
9:40 | An Offering of Praise
12:02 | First Daffodils
14:13 | Conclusion

These pieces were recorded on the Kuhn organ at Sankt Arnual sampled by Forestpipes.

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