Playing Vierne’s Messe solennelle, Op. 16 for two organs on ONE! | Murray Conservatorium Choir

Back in May 2018, I performed two concerts that featured Vierne’s Messe solennelle, Op. 16 as part of the programme. This edit has previously been unseen until now on my channel! Unfortunately, the organ camera malfunctioned and I only have one workable angle for this performance. To spice things up, I included the score with the video—I hope this makes up for not seeing me hit all those wrong notes (now you can see where I hit them!). As this Mass is written for two organs, I played from a score that comprised of both parts (double the work for half the pay, ha ha!). Many thanks to Jeff Mosher (Conductor) and the Murray Conservatorium Choir for including me in this concert for Choir and Organ.

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