PSALMODY FOR ORGAN – Phil Lehenbauer | Christ Church, Beechworth

I recently made a trip down south to Beechworth, about 40km from my home in Albury. There is a beautiful little church called “Christ Church Anglican” which is home to a William Anderson mechanical action single manual organ with 8 stops. It has a very warm and rich Open Diapason which has to be my most favourite rank on this instrument. At the end of July I will be giving an organ recital with associate artist, Rebekah Beall (Soprano).

It’s most fitting that I have played @OrganGuyPhil’s latest work “Psalmody for Organ”. It’s a calm and peaceful organ work that will fit many occasions, whether as a somber prelude, a communion work, or for any other meditative moment during a service. It alternates a refrain with other melodic segments, as in the singing of a psalm or hymn. You can get a copy of the score below instantly as a PDF:


Organ specification:

Open Diapason 8
Stopped Diapason Bass 8
Stopped Diapason Treble 8
Dulciana 8
Principal 4
Flute 4
Twelfth 2-2/3
Fifteenth 2
Great to Pedals

Bourdon 16

Compass: 58/30
Attached drawknob console
3 composition pedals
Mechanical action throughout

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