Virtual Vespers – 19 January 2022 | Organ, prayers and readings

“Virtual Vespers” is a regular, meditative, Wednesday evening service on this channel. The organ music is provided by myself, @Ralph Looij, @Pep Organ and Callum Knox. The order of service is from Universalis ( with a few modifications.

Ralph’s channel:
Titus’ channel (Pep Organ):

If you’d like to contribute in some way to the next Virtual Vespers (readings, music or financially), please contact me via the link at the end of this description. God bless, James Flores.

Order of service:

Opening prayer
Reflection at Twilight – Stevens (James)
Psalm 54 – Sanderman (Ralph)
Canticle / Reading / Short Responsory
Improvisation (Titus, Pep Organ)
Sacred Prelude No. 8 – Stevens (James)
Prayers and Intercessions
Prelude and Fugue in G minor, BWV 535 – Bach (Callum)


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